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#65 – The Theology of Sex | Dr. Tyler Hendricks

Ep. 65 - Podcast Thumbnail Title: Podcast Thumbnails

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. It is a bond that’s blessed by God and it is strongly connected through the power of love, compassion, and harmony. Marriage is a vehicle to bring us closer to god in the end.

In this episode, we have Dr. Tyler Hendricks who will be sharing to us his views and his experience with the Unification movement as it pertains to sex, and also his theories on a variety of very important topics like marriage, civil religion, the three family models, origin of marriage, and a host of vitality elements to provide us wisdom.

Dr. Tyler will also be sharing his personal experiences before he met his wife, lessons he learned from his father and his realizations after so many years. How trusting and faith in God affected his life and understanding more about the sexual relationship of the way God designed sex. Learn more valuable lessons by listening to this episode!

  • Seeing how God puts everything together despite all the anger, depression and struggles in your marital and relational journeys
  • The ownership of eternal love lies with the opposite sex
  • The universe functions according to the sexual union of male and female
  • How the general moral value is centered on the family, the Blessing at sexual purity, sexual abstinence before marriage, and absolute fidelity in marriage
  • If you’re afraid to die, it means you’re afraid to live.

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