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#69 – Your Past Doesn’t Define You | Daria Kral

Ep. 69 - Podcast Thumbnail Title: Podcast Thumbnails

Each one of us makes mistakes and bad choices. We are, after all, human and we tend to do things without even thinking twice if it is right or wrong, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are inherently bad people. 

At some point in our life, we decide to take a step back and question everything in our faith. After deep contemplation, we will be filled with that feeling of something missing in our lives. We feel guilt, regret, and shame and these deeply affect us.

In this episode, Carina talks with Daria Kral about what it’s like growing up in a faith community, leaving, and then coming back again. They also shared their viewpoints on sexuality and marriage, how to take ownership of your faith, how to build a strong foundation for a relationship, process and progress, and the struggles of a woman with form restoration.

Both of these amazing women will be sharing their thoughts and experiences on how they overcame their struggle with porn and masturbation and teach us that our past doesn’t define who we are. No matter if it’s a smooth or hard process, remember that every step counts, and each one of us has to go through our process. So if you can relate to today’s episode, High Noon has programs and support groups to guide you through your restoration journey.

  • It doesn’t matter what kind of things you’ve gone through in your life, there’s always a way back.
  • No matter what your story is, you deserve to and can be blessed to have a family and to have a great relationship.
  • For a woman, it’s really helpful to steam out through a talkative way, to talk about it, and to let it out.

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