#80 – Marriage: The Benefits of Married Sex | Che Wetzstein

Podcast Thumbnails Ep. 80

In wedding ceremonies, we often hear the words “become one flesh” which means union between two individuals. Imagine how wonderful it is to have reached that deep connection and bond filled with love and happiness. This sacred unity is also evident in a sexual relationship in marriage. While it may seem uncomfortable to talk about, you will see how beautiful it is if we will only look at it from God’s perspective. 

In marriages, sex helps a couple to strengthen the connection not only physically and mentally but also spiritually. Having a common understanding of the value of sex and knowing its importance and its purpose in a relationship can create a special bond between a husband and wife more than we realize. Also, intimacy and closeness can help establish a long-lasting relationship especially if it is rooted in love, respect, trust, and commitment despite many differences in so many aspects.

To lead us into an insightful discussion on sexuality, intimacy, and marriage, we are joined by Cheryl Wetzstein, an award-winning journalist for over 40 years. She is happily married and is successful in her current field. In this episode, she will be sharing with us more about her journey in life- how she was able to manage to pursue her passion being a mom and a wife, and how she was able to keep a healthy relationship with her husband. 

Cheryl’s writings talk about love, sex, pregnancy, marriage, parenting, marriage renewal, abortion, divorce, gay marriage, pornography, and all about the inconvenient truths of our society. 
Learn more about the benefits of sex and marriage, what is sexuality, what is healthy and unhealthy sexuality, and how that pertains to sustainable sexuality and marriage and relationships. Join us and don’t forget to visit us here for us to guide you in your journey to build the life of heavenly sexuality that you deserve.

  • Understanding what real and healthy sexuality is
  • How the internet changed everything
  • Why there’s a lot of single people in journalism
  • Learning how to handle fights in marriage
  • Benefits of sex and marriage
  • How a relationship can grow
  • Rebirth of love and passion in a marriage
  • Pillars of love
  • Studying each other’s personality types
  • The cuddle hormone
  • The problem with hypersexuality
  • Truly understanding love and sexuality

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