Become a Porn Accountability Partner.

Help others gain Sexual Integrity.

By becoming an Accountability Partner for someone who has a porn or sex habit, you will be given the knowledge to help someone gain sexual integrity or just keep accountable to their personal goals. Take the free course below to learn everything you need to know about being an Accountability Partner for porn and sex addiction. 


You simply receive the participant’s text message, read it and reply. They will report about their habit and maybe something more. Your job is to “listen” to them in this way, and respond with compassion and encouragement. That’s it.

Ascend participants are encouraged to report by text every day, this promotes self-awareness. However, many will text just a few times a week instead. If the AP and participant feel it would be beneficial, they can call or Skype together occasionally, but this isn’t required.


About five minutes a day and sometimes much less. Some AP’s have reported being able to respond to 5 or more participants in just 10 minutes a day.

No. You just need to have had some experience with overcoming a bad habit, or developing personal discipline and integrity in some area of life!

How long should I be sober? 

Six months of real control, even with an odd lapse, is okay. You want to have a good amount of victory and wisdom behind your words, even for your own confidence. Also, you don’t want to be easily triggered by what the participant may tell you.


Just that they are caught in the grip of a habit that’s difficult to get free from. You don’t need to know much more than normal life wisdom.

You don’t need more training than your own life experiences. You already have the necessary compassion, listening skills, wisdom and coachability or you would not have been asked!


The satisfaction of knowing that you’re contributing to someone’s freedom from a destructive habit. You may also be helping a young adult develop sexual integrity in preparation for their marriage blessing, or helping a blessed couple save their marriage. You’ll learn a lot about life, love and yourself, and this could become a mutually rewarding relationship that will continue beyond the 90 days.


Yes! It will be more gratifying and interesting to work with several participants at the same time. You’ll get a better understanding of what participants struggle with and what helps them overcome.

You’ll also get a better understanding of the scope of High Noon’s work, and we would be grateful for your help! We will most likely always have more participants than Accountability Partner volunteers.