Are You Ready for Marriage? | Tim Rarick | Episode 21

Tim Rarick is a speaker and professor at Brigham Young University Idaho, who seeks to make complex ideas simplified. In this episode, Tim helps explain why people struggle with deep emotional issues and how ties can be mended by focusing on having integrity with what we yearn for in relationships.

  • What is a good way to be prepared for marriage?
  • What are the main causes of problems for families?
  • What ways can parents help their children inherit healthy intimacy?
  • What do studies and research show about the need for intimacy?
  • How do you solve the real issue and what does Tim compare it to?
  • A good story of change in a woman’s life.
  • Tim sharing on a breakthrough in his own relationship with his son
  • What are behavioral patterns for healthy relationships?

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  1. At about 16:55 in the podcast, I just burst out crying. For me I feel this has been so true. My parents are married, but because of our extended families living in two places (Japan/USA) our immediate family has lived separately to help each side of our families. The majority of the time I have lived where my mom went, but I definitely felt the lack of my dad’s presence. This helped me. Thank you so much. God must be so grateful to have people like you doing what you are doing.