40-Year Blessing Anniversary Cruise | July 22

Save the Date! July 2022 Blessed Couple Cruise

We’re excited to announce a 40-year anniversary cruise happening in July of 2022!

A team of capable and passionate individuals is working to organize a memorable and meaningful cruise to celebrate 40 years of Blessed life for couples who received the Blessing in 1982. This cruise will be a beautiful opportunity to celebrate with other Blessed Couples, as well as children and grandchildren!

If you are a Blessed Couple from 1982—or the child of a 1982 Blessed Couple—sign up below to stay updated with information about cruise details and registration when it is available.

NOTE: Although the cruise is scheduled two years from now, we will be closely monitoring the developments surrounding COVID19. We will likely not be taking reservations until a vaccine is developed. Please sign up below to stay updated with further developments.

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  1. Just came across this today and I spent around three hours listening to the 24 hour summit. What a delight!!! I felt full of hope and joy about the future of the new world which people like me (oldies) thought we were making and working for in our twenties!!! Now is up to you guides and thankfully there are a few oldies who are there to give you tips. Am open to all you are doing and saying and working through. Just never give up!!!

  2. I would like to suggest a get together in the natural environment some where incase the cruse is not possible.

  3. I do not support requiring vaccines. So perhaps another environment
    would be better. Cruises always have viruses of one kind or another

  4. Perhaps the best way for us to celebrate our Blessing Anniversary would be to give the Blessing to our new spiritual children. How many times can we give the Blessing between now and July 1, 2022?