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Episode 30 – Bring Your Wives to the Podcast Day

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Ep. 30 - Podcast Thumbnail

Andrew and Sammy invite their wives, Uyanga Love and Yi Gyu Uyama, to share and answer questions about each other’s couplehood. We get to hear how their relationships and love have grown (and struggled) over time, shaping them into priceless modes of reality they now share as a family.

  • The importance of their parents’ guidance as they were growing up
  • Advice about arguing well as a couple
  • Managing different cultural norms
  • Sharing on their research about fatherly involvement
  • Get a midwife/doctor who is good at stitching!
  • Exuding trust & enthusiasm, being goal-oriented, and integrity while being family-oriented.
  • Call to action: Take the challenge with High Noon programs @ highnoon.org

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