Buyer Beware

Contributed by Andrew Love

A big part of High Noon’s mission is to dispel misinformation, especially the type that can lead people off a spiritual cliff. The topic of sex is rampant with such misnomers.

Flashback to high school in the pre-internet era and consider all the insane things people tried to convince us about sex in locker rooms, at sleepovers, even during ‘sex-ed’ class. There was no actual way we could validate what and we heard and we often settled for asking those in higher authority (if we had the guts to).

Where was the truth about sexuality?

Although some may have thought the internet would have acted as a giant spotlight of truth, casting away all misinformation, it seems to have only confused matters on the macro level. What is true? What is false? The spread of both truisms and falsities proliferated in all directions simultaneously, creating massive confusion.

Let’s take a moment and reflect:

  • We shop with our emotions, not reason.
  • We vote from our hearts, not our heads.
  • We worship at the altar of celebrities out of weakness, not strength.

The major sectors that drive culture, prey on our lower minds to drive their causes forward. What would Hollywood be without using sex to sell tickets? How would companies sell beer if they couldn’t exploit the female body? Why do most politicians run in the opposite direction from taking Sexual Exploitation seriously?

This is not a paranoid exposé of how ‘The Man’ is trying to get us! It is merely an overview of how those who are tasked with producing the majority of what goes into our eyes and ears, fail to promote true sexuality.

Perhaps, they don’t know what they don’t know!

There have been several studies done, illustrating how TRUTH itself is becoming relativized because we are more prone to seek out validation of our beliefs than to search for what is true.

Fake sex has cornered us and is trying to force our hands to acquiesce to its lies. Psychologists en masse, celebrities, and politicians seem to be promoting a lesser sexuality. Our senses are pummeled with songs about people using each other for sexual selfish needs.

When was the last time you heard a song celebrating a 75-year-old couple making out?


Pop culture celebrates falling in love, but not committing to that love. We are meant to believe that love doesn’t last and we should expect to dive into the next ‘relationship’ that comes along.

We are fooled to lower our standards under the bogus premise that love, commitment, and family aren’t as important as the YOLO lifestyle – which is as ironic as a lifestyle can get! Through this YOLO mantra, we are deluded to believe that having fun now, forgoes any potential thought that responsibility should be taken. But that type of living exclusively lends itself to pain.

If we in fact only live once (sorry Buddhists), then being kind and loving to others should be our priority, rather than exploiting others in order to create a legacy of selfishness.

This is not what we are told. This is not what we are SOLD…

What should we buy into? If all of our momentary impulses are requesting that we tumble down the rabbit hole of marketing and media in order to find evaporating joys of our senses, how can we go a different way? How can we swim against the cultural tide?


Let heart and soul decide where your eyes go, instead of letting your eyes drag your soul to places it should never be. Choose the type of love you deserve and don’t settle for less. When you become well acquainted with True Love, the false substitutes will appall you.

That is what is in store for anyone who is willing to simply choose—not once or twice—but to LIVE up to the love we were born to live in!

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