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Consent vs. Enthusiasm | Episode 37

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Relating to the last episode’s topic about Human Trafficking with Patrick Erlandsson, Sammy and Andrew are back, this time tackling the issue of consent. Since the line between consent and sex are very muddy these days – especially with the influence of the Internet -it’s very important to have a more broad and profound grasp of the levels of consent and its different considerations.

In a world full of entitlements, where somebody’s else rights are being taken away, taken for granted, or being coerced, it’s necessary to have informed decisions guided by knowing where to stand and by differentiating which are the real relationships and which are not. Hence, getting someone else’s consent is not only appropriate – it’s vital.

Join us in this episode where we open our minds to a new way of thinking about consent and how it relates to sex.

  • Degree of consent on the internet, specifically dark webs
  • Consent on a one-to-one basis
  • Different levels or interplays of consent
  • What is true consent?
  • How to tap into the eagerness in terms of sexuality in a personal relationship
  • What is beyond consent: how and why it affects things like personal relationships
  • How important (comfort) consensual real or true sex

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