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Episode 44 – Impressions on Sex | Francis & Zaiya Marchitelli

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Join Sammy as he interviews Francis and Zaiya Marchitelli, who share their remarkable journey of sexual integrity. 

Listen to this lovely couple’s stories and take on how pornography sets unrealistic and illogical expectations and brings it farther from reality. As this couple comes from a multi-racial households, they reflect on their realizations on how important it is to be open and welcoming in your family about sexual struggles. 

In this episode, listeners will further understand that sex is not just a physical thing but has more to do with intimacy. There is no such thing as an instant and perfect way to sex because, at the heart of it all, it boils down to how willing you are to figure things out together to make each other happy. 

  • Francis’ journey with pornography: Exposure & Realizations 
  • How he abandon pornography: High Noon as part of Francis’ life 
  • Zaiyah’s view on his partner’s past situation 
  • Tools that can help you overcome pornography 
  • Expectations vs Reality with sex 
  • Be open about it with your family and children 
  • What it takes to have a great fulfilling relationship 
  • It’s not impossible to be free with pornography 

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