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Episode 46 – Falling Short of Your Standard | Mythbusters

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Ep. 46 - Podcast Thumbnail

In this episode, Andrew and Sammy talk about abstinence from sex before marriage, both the struggles and the merits.

There are so many concepts and notions surrounding premarital sex. Most faiths believe that saving yourself for marriage is something very special. But we’re all living in an oversexed world where people often get caught up in snares.

The best part towards creating sexual integrity and offering your whole self to only one person is building yourself up to an incredible bachelorette. It is how you groom yourself as a single person in preparation for a relationship.

Premarital sex brings a lot of complications that we are mostly unaware of. It damages us by disassociating us to the real act of love and service. Engaging in sex early on and outside the realm of marriage has makes us numb, bruised, and broken. We need to remember that our heart is our greatest asset. It is the source of our existence. And when we damage our ability to love, it bleeds into every subsequent aspect of our relationship. That is why the closer to a blank slate that we can have, the better.

  • Proposed standard in every faith
  • Accommodating one’s lowest self
  • Having an unblemished record in the past
  • Individuals that have different views towards sex in their relationship
    • Numbness and not caring for others
    • Porn adds dimensions of complication to your sexual understanding and experience
  • What premarital sex teaches us
  • Polyamorous Relationships
  • The heart is like a sticky note
  • Know what you deserve

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