Facilitator Check-in

  • Consider what was effective or ineffective about your group meeting this week.
  • Breakthroughs, breakdowns, anything worth noting
  • You're not expected to always be doing good. We all face our challenges. This is the space to check your own pulse and have a check-in with someone if you feel you need it.

    1 = Fully embodied your vision for sexual integrity
    2 = Too busy or distracted to feel tempted
    3 = Wandering eyes/Stray thoughts
    4 = Fantasy
    5 = Strong desire to act out. Relapse likely without intervention
    6 = Masturbated or watched porn once
    7 = Masturbated and watched porn once
    8 = Masturbated or watched porn numerous times
    9 = Masturbated and watched porn numerous times
    10 = Out of control (binged, involved others)