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Episode 38 – Fight The New Drug’s Podcast | Garrett Jonsson

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Andrew is joined by Garett Jonsson, who is a podcast host, public speaker, and one of the fighters for Fight the New Drug, a Utah-based anti-pornography nonprofit organization. Garett once had a behavioral addiction to pornography.

Pornography is generally a secret obsession for most people. However, be inspired by this episode as Garett talks openly about his addiction to pornography and how it affected his life, his first exposure to it, and how he overcomes the compulsion by being involved with different causes such as 30 and 30 and Coast to Coast in Chains where he biked 3,800 miles across the United States. These projects led him to the organization that helped pull him away from the dark side of his addiction.

Listen more to this conversation and be enlightened by the destructive nature of pornography and how you can positively overcome it through the help of a supportive community that will harness and nurture your willpower and drive to change.

  • Inception of pornography to his life
  • Progression of pornography in his early years
  • Factors that escalated the frequency of his consumption of pornography
  • Consciousness towards pornography
  • How he realized and opened his eyes towards pornography: Arrogance, Deceit, and Resentment
  • Having courage to open up up about his problem to someone
  • What he and his wife did to overcome the problem
  • Raising awareness by being involved in various projects: 30 and 30 and Coast to Coast in Chains

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