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Episode 35 – Harmonized Sexuality | Philip Schanker

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Sexuality is an individual’s way of self-expression, physically and emotionally. This can be diverse and extremely personal. It is a complex behavior that is affected by certain factors and facets of our lives, which is what this episode is about.

Our guest speaker, Philip David Schanker, guides us to better understand the concept of human sexuality and sexual orientation.

  • The concept of human sexuality
  • What are the factors affecting an individual’s sexual orientation?
  • The importance of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, especially to the youth
  • The idea of homosexuality and how does it develop
  • Is it possible to change one’s sexuality by choice?
  • How to deal with Cognitive Dissonance?
  • A therapist’s role on self-development
  • What is Conversion Therapy?
  • Benefits of having a healthy support system
  • How unhealed wounds and unmet needs affect our perception in life
  • The value of respect regardless of the sexuality
  • Understanding and accepting one’s differences (1:32:34)

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