Bay Area Hosts High Noon Summit

On February 2, 2019, High Noon hosted an eventful Summit at the Bay Area Family Church. It was a great opportunity to learn about healthy intimacy and connect with the vision of a porn-free world of sexual integrity, filled with informative presentations, moving testimonies, and connecting with others. 104 people gathered from all corners of the West Coast, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, and the Bay Area.

The morning started with a warm welcome from the founders of High Noon, David & Mitsue Wolfenberger. They thanked everyone for coming and all that it took for them to be there.

Following was an incredible talk from Dr. Tyler Hendricks on God’s Hope for Sex. After that, we had a panel of heart-moving testimonies from individuals who shared about the impact pornography has had on their lives, including a passionate presentation on the impact of pornography on Blessed Couples by the director of the Blessing & Family Ministry, Crescentia DeGeode.

To close the morning, we had a Q&A session led by Crescentia, Dr. Hendricks, and David Wolfenberger.

Following lunch, participants had the opportunity to attend breakouts based on personal interests. The four breakouts available were “God & Sex” led by Tyler Hendricks, “Heavenly Intimacy” led by David & Mitsue Wolfenberger, “Porn & The Brain” led by Sammy Uyama, and “How to Talk With Family Members About Sex” led by Rev. Kevin Thompson and Crescentia DeGeode.

Next, people were able to go from download mode to sharing mode. They had the opportunity to break out into small groups and discuss the content of the Summit, what they learned, and how it related to their lives.

The overall theme of the Summit was about creating a culture of high noon. True Father’s teaching about high noon was introduced and participants were guided through conversations regarding integrity, honesty, grace, and accountability, and how these values relate to our lives.

The sharing that happened was electrifying. Couples sat down with other couples and experienced a level of honesty with other Blessed Couples they never imagined possible. Families that came together sat down and shared openly about things going on in their lives.

The day ended with acknowledgments to everyone who came to allow this experience to be possible. Thank you to Crescentia and the Blessing & Family Ministry team for their support from National Headquarters, to Rev. Thompson for bringing us to the Bay, to Dr. Hendricks for coming out to share your wisdom, and to the on-the-ground-team that did all the work in creating the program– Siew Lian and Alain LeRoy, Kieran Calavan, Mai Thurston, Patrick Erlandson, Mark Moore, Gene Huneycutt, and Jonathan Golden.

High Noon plans to work with each of the five sub-regions in 2019 to host a Summit in each sub-region. Stay tuned for High Noon’s visit to an area near you! Our next scheduled program will be in Chicago at the very end of April.

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