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Episode 15 – Interview with Sam Black of Covenant Eyes

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Covenant Eyes has helped thousands of men and women of all ages quit pornography through their patented accountability software. Sam Black was led to be a part of the Covenant Eyes team many years ago, and in this episode, we discuss both his evolution and that of Covenant Eyes. Check out Covenant Eyes at covenanteyes.com.

How will Covenant Eyes keep up with the advancements of porn through AI and VR? How big is the staff of Covenant Eyes for them to serve over 200,000 customers? What drives their organization to continue working so hard after all these years?

  • Are men alone in the struggle?
  • What is the amazing story behind Covenant Eyes?
  • What is the correlation between porn and faith?
  • What’s a way to solve the need for connection?
  • Where does Sam find hope?

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