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Conclusion: Fight for True Love

Many women feel alone and helpless when it comes to dealing with their partner’s porn problem. In the same way parents struggle with talking to their kids about sex, spouses often struggle with talking to someone outside the relationship about intimate issues. Sometimes partners even struggle to talk about sex with each other. High Noon wants to make this conversation easier and more comfortable.

Our Fight to Take Back Love

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the porn industry is quite happy to convince the world of what sex and relationships should be like. But their only goal is to make a lot of money. The porn industry doesn’t care about your long-term health or happiness. It doesn’t care about marriage, family or the harm being done to men, women and children. It only cares about perpetuating the machinery that enslaves people in a self-destructive habit because it feeds their greed.

As individuals and families, we have a choice, and with choice comes responsibility. We can let porn continue to erode the very fabric of society (relationships and families), or we can fight back. We can take responsibility for defining the true nature of love and intimacy and create relationships with the dynamic of real love.

Make the ideal of love real

Most people have an ideal for love in their hearts. In that ideal, love is vibrant, lasting and something we cherish dearly. But we find ourselves struggling against various internal and external forces to make this ideal a reality.

The porn industry wants to separate love and sex. They want us to believe that sex is just for self-gratification. Let’s at least reduce the demand for porn so people will have a fighting chance to fulfill their heart’s desire. How do we do that?

Sexual Integrity

Integrity means to be honest and have strong moral principles or good character. In addition, it means to be whole and undivided. In other words, your thoughts, words and actions reflect your moral principles.

So sexual integrity would mean that your sexual thoughts, words and actions would reflect your virtuous character. Therefor there would be no need to lie or conceal your sexual activity. Sexual intimacy requires sincerity, truthfulness and trustworthiness if we are to feel safe in this most vulnerable relationship.

Sexual integrity unites love and sex in marriage. It allows your ideals to become real. Here’s what inspires us at High Noon, this is our ideal:

What You Can Do Today:

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