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Week 2 – Why You Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

Eating too much food, sleeping in late, looking at porn. We all have things in our live we don’t want, but continue to do them anyway. Why is that? Why can’t we be smart about the decisions we make?

It’s because we’re mostly running on auto-pilot. Each of us have hardwired ourselves with habits and routines.

Habits: Trigger → Routine → Reward

Each of us is a walking bundle of habit loops. This plays a huge part in your porn compulsion. You get triggered by something, then play out a practiced ritual, and get a distinct reward.

A large part of the work of breaking free from pornography is understanding what triggers you, what rituals you use, and what are specific rewards you get from it all.

Identify the routine

Experiment with rewards

Isolate the cue

Have a plan

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