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Don’t Go Through this Alone


The solution for any unwanted sexual habit or porn addiction is a recovery program like High Noon’s Ascend, or others that are out there. However, recovery takes time, and there may be many ups and downs. Your partner’s struggles might frustrate you, or you may find their slow progress difficult to understand.

◊ Important: We’re assuming here that your partner wants help, because they understand that their behavior is detrimental to your relationship. They must enroll in a recovery program because very few can recover from a porn habit on their own. If they’re not interested in recovery, you’ll have to tell them that you won’t accept porn in your relationship (or marriage). Ask him to go to marriage counseling with you, and select a provider that has experience in this area.

Why You Need Support

You’ll most likely have to be patient with your spouse or partner during recovery. You’ll also need time to rebuild trust, as well as deal with any underlying struggles of your own.

In the meantime, there’s a lot you can do to make your own life better. It’s necessary for you to find healing and happiness outside of your relationship while your spouse or partner is in recovery. Doing that will relieve your partner from feeling responsible for your happiness, and at the same time you’ll be a role model for constructively taking responsibility for your own emotional well being.

In the next 2 topics we’ll look at how you can build a support system, where you can find resources, and how you can help yourself.

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