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His Feelings, Her Feelings and Finding Common Ground

shared feelingsMen’s brain function is different from women’s, so our emotional expectations often don’t match up. Aside from gender, each person experiences life uniquely and therefor has unique responses to different emotional stimuli.

We need to work at understanding each other. But people, and life in general, would be boring if we didn’t have such differences that challenge us to think more deeply.

Men & Women Think Differently

The process of understanding another person is a path to open the heart, and form a deeper bond. Even a crisis like a porn habit or addiction can be a catalyst to strengthen your relationship through better understanding.

For an entertaining approach to this topic, watch Mark Gungor explain the differences between men’s and women’s brains:


There’s a lot to learn about the differences between men and women, and a deeper understanding will help you cope better with his porn struggle.

Enjoy the Process of Relationship Building

Just like this video was entertaining, the process of men and women growing to understand each other can be fun. People often say that relationships are hard work, but even hard work can be enjoyable. Men and women wouldn’t be attracted to each other in the first place if that wasn’t true. Discovering each other’s differences is meant to be fun.

It’s going to be a process for him to overcome this problem, and it may be a temptation for a long time. The more you can learn about communicating with your partner in a way that he can relate to, you’ll be supporting his ability to make the changes he needs to make.