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Mapping Out Success – Week 12


This is the home stretch. Remember, this course is all about integrity and so it is vital that you finish as strongly as you began.

This week we’ll be getting you on the launch pad for success. Some of you will want to take this course again. If you do, you will get a whole lot more out of the experience because you have changed and the content will seem different.

Others of you will be moving on to other things. Either way, it is vital that you attitude be serious and that you remain just as vigilant as you have with this course. There is a tendency for people to finish something such as this course and to then say to themselves “well, I’ve been good so now I can take it easy” and that’s often when big mistakes happen.

  • Your guard is down
  • You get lazy
  • Old habits come back

Let’s not do that! Let’s go in the opposite direction.

So, we will be mapping out your path after you are done with this course. We will figure out which tools will serve you best moving forward and how exactly to be as smart as possible with your time and energy.

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