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Media Literacy – Week 7

We learn something, practice, then become good at it. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Have you ever thought about whether you’ve learned how to use the internet? Time to get some smarts on your media literacy!


The purpose of the web is to better your life, so you shouldn’t feel bad afterwards. You should leave energized by the content you consume.

Don’t be consumed by the media you consume

The internet is a tool, it’s purpose is to make your life better in some way. Instead, we allow it to distract, lead and control us. This subconsciously takes away your motivation and power. 

What mostly happens is that we end up being used by the internet. It sucks us in and drains our energy. Like a dementor. We scroll around aimlessly, being herded from one click-bait to another.

Check your internet use

Where in your life are you being used by the internet?

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