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Sprint VS Marathon Week 10

Congratulations! You’re in the last stretch of this course.


If you’ve gotten to this point, then you’re on a really good path. Remember that change takes time. Nobody wants to hear that, but think about it, you’ve most likely been watching porn for years. So, changing that habit, rewiring your circuitry will take some time for sure.

Customize Your Life

If you understand this concept deeply, you’ll be able to literally customize your life, one habit at a time. It takes between 40-90 days to lose or gain a habit. Working out, waking up early, stuff like that. Why?

Because at first it feels unnatural, even painful sometimes. You’re so used to doing something one way that doing anything else seems like a hassle—even if you don’t like the thing you are doing.

Creating new habits can be rough

The process of habituating something is basically making it seem natural until it’s second nature. When you were little, tying your shoes was a big deal. But then you nailed it and now you don’t think about it. The same goes for driving a stick shift car.

With sexual integrity your habits go back to where you seek comfort. Please don’t expect this process to be smooth. It can feel incredibly clunky at times.

But understand that one of the most important attributes is to stay mentally clear.

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