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Your Feelings are Normal

Your spouse may say you’re overreacting. Even your friends may say, “it’s not a big deal“; but you feel terribly hurt, maybe even confused. How do you sort out your emotions and deal with this situation?

Don’t let anyone else tell you how you should feel. If your heart hurts it’s because you’ve been violated in some way. Something very precious to you has been tossed aside. You may be shocked and angry because you’ve discovered that your spouse has a secret life that doesn’t reflect the values that you thought you shared.

There are a variety of ways you can handle the situation, but not all of them would be helpful to you or your spouse. That’s the tricky part we want to help you untangle.

We’re Starting with You

Before discussing your partner’s “problem” and how to deal with it, we’d like you to explore your feelings about it. Emotions are powerful because they’re rooted in belief systems. Whether those beliefs are learned or inborn doesn’t matter, they’re part of who we are. We need to understand these emotions and beliefs so we can respect ourselves and those we love.

In the first section, “Sorting Your Feelings” you’ll write about your emotions to process your experience, and identify what thoughts are helpful or harmful. In Section 2 you’ll learn how to manage your emotions, and in Section 3 you’ll learn how to create more joy in your life, which is really important when you’re struggling in a relationship.

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