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Manufactured Attraction | Episode 22

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In this episode, Andrew and Sammy tackle a much-debated topic not just among couples, but especially among married ones—attraction. But in their discussion, they dig deeper into how most people’s experience of attraction is manufactured by outside influences, especially by porn. They also share their personal experiences of resetting their own sexual attractions. Listen now to know more about how to solve this debacle.

  • What is manufactured attraction? Where do our thoughts come from?
  • Societal attraction and individual attraction
  • The concept of imprinting and how it hurts a relationship
  • Sammy’s experience of cleaning his “sexual palette”
  • The model of repetition as advanced by pro-porn psychologists
  • Simple versus complex sex
  • Conditioning yourself to nurture love for your spouse or partner

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  1. I’m looking forward to part two on this topic. I appreciate these thoughtful journey you go on as you are inviting yourselves and your listeners to live with clear purpose and intentionality.