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Episode 31 – My Journey Through Depression | Uyanga Love

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Ep. 31 - Podcast Thumbnail

Uyanga Love, Andrew’s one and only love, shares candidly about her experience with depression during pregnancy and motherhood, and how their family navigated out of it.

The vivid recounting of their journey will leave listeners with an opportunity to reflect on what it’s like to be a young parent.

She and Andrew also highlight the importance of a support system for young parents, especially for mothers. Though they had their share of struggles, the Loves represent the daily challenges that young families face, and how love and togetherness will help them overcome and gain the balance and stability every family desires.

  • Depression is an important label because it helps everyone have a starting point.
  • The essence of motherhood and childbirth is different for every culture.
  • People cope with depression in different ways.
  • The gift of having someone to lean on during depression is valuable.
  • Couples who love each other can pull through despite going through dark times.
  • How crucial it is to look out for those cries for help or attention from loved ones, which can lead them all the more to spiral into depression.

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  1. Andrew and Uyanga, thank you very much for your sincere testimony. I feel so sympathetic to Uyanga. Childbirth is a tough process every woman goes through. Being an Oriental woman I had a similar experience to give birth to my four children far away from my homeland. Husband and wife unity in heart becomes the salvation when you are facing a challenge. I felt a lot of God’s love and support going though those difficulties and we become only stronger and wiser.