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My Journey With Same-Sex Attraction | Gene | Episode 25

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High Noon is a place where we can talk openly about personal struggles and highlight tremendous personal growth. In this candid interview, Gene shares his journey with same-sex attraction. Gene also shares how he was able to approach his situation with openness and honesty, reaping the benefits of therapy and a renewed relationship with his now wife.

  • Gene’s approach to achieving what he wanted in his marriage
  • What did Gene experience from the age of 13?
  • What did Gene do to clarify what he wanted in his life?
  • How has Gene dealt with the conflict within himself?
  • How did getting a mentor/therapist facilitate more clarity and healing?
  • How did Gene’s relationship with his father develop through his therapy process?
  • What does Gene share about how he experiences sex?
  • How does choice play a big role in Gene’s current relationship?

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  1. I was always curious about this topic, thank you guys so much for sharing. I thought before if it was possible to change your attraction but I never heard a story about it.

  2. To all at High Noon:
    This program was just excellent! As a trained counselor and professor of family education I cannot thank Gene enough for his total honesty in sharing what must have been a very difficult and challenging course to create true love in his life. He covered so many incredible points, with keys to healing the heart and mind. When we are vulnerable and hurt we run away, hurt ourselves and try and comfort ourselves with what we need or what is missing. This Gene clearly pointed out. Another great part of this program was Sammy’s gentle but directional skill in not only asking the key, hard questions but his attentive listening to Gene answers and not letting one important point slip by unexplored. This takes years of experience to learn, clearly an indication that Sammy is truly gifted. It provided a step by step path for the listener to grasp tools for thier own process in finding or creating, as Gene stated, the love he wanted. High Noon is an exception gift and these stories can help transform our world which is so confused about what love is. The Internet is being used selfishly to cause great harm to people lives, their families and future, without the abusers taking any responsibility for the damage they have done. The work you are doing can transform that harm. Thank you especially Gene, Sammy, Andrew, Benjy and the Wolfenburgers, and all who were involved in the production of this life changing information. I cannot imagine a more important task than helping build families of true love.

    Betsy Orman, M. Ed.
    State Director American Family Coalition & National Parents Day.
    North Dakota Ret…

  3. Thank you Gene for your honesty and open heart! May your life be happy and prosperous!!!
    And thank you the High Noon team for your amazing work!

  4. Awesome talk! But yo, is Sammy talking to close to the mic?? His voice gets distorted when he talks loud. Other than that, great topic and well done Gene!!

  5. I in no way wish to detract from the honesty and courage of this young man, but I think it is an exaggeration and mis-representation to call it ‘a journey with same-sex attraction.’ It does not sound as if it was really an intrenched same sex attraction-more. as he says a ‘fetish’-and his deep desire from the beginning was to have a heterosexual relationship.

  6. I am very moved by your hopeful and inspiring testimony. A distant friend of mine, is deeply involved with the Mankind project. I will forward him your testimony. You challenge me to have a deeper relationship with my son. Thanks for your COURAGE, HONESTY, GRACE , SEXUAL INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY. You truly embody well the values of HighNoon.

  7. I’m so anxious about having this kind of testimony in Spanish. Thank you very much for your work. I hope it grows infinitely!