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Neuroplasticity | Episode 26

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This episode introduces the concepts of neuroplasticity and epigenetics and how we as humans have the capacity to shape our brains, our thoughts and thought processes in order to also curb our behavior and output. In short, you can shape your brain so that you can shape you.

The most connected system in our entire body is our heart and our mind. In fact, about 90% of that information is coming from your heart to your mind. This explains how you can intellectualize your feelings and turn thoughts and emotions into meaningful information.

Neuroplasticity and epigenetics are also effective methods for approaching porn addiction positively. Because you know that you can manage your addiction and behavior by reprogramming your brain, you can overcome it much easier and with more joy.

  • What is neuroplasticity and why does it matter?
  • Rationalizing your thoughts and feelings
  • Discusses reticular activating system
  • Creating a validation loop
  • Using this mental technology to create a future you desire and making it a reality
  • How the Ascend 90-Day program helps
  • How you can change and turn your thoughts and feelings into whatever you want

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