Episode 1 | Masturbation

Have you considered the outcomes of masturbation in your personality? Do you have strong enough motives and strategies to choose not to as a way to improve your sexual integrity?

Join Andrew Love and Sammy Uyama as they discuss the “touchy” topic of mast-urba-tion from varying perspectives.

They discuss influences, triggers and motivations behind the act as well as alternative ways of thinking as a means to focus one’s energy and attention on living better lives without it.

Show Notes:

  • What is the focus of High Noon and Love, Life & Legacy’s podcast?
  • What are the two main things holding you back from putting more power into your choice in dealing with masturbation?
  • What makes masturbation more difficult to talk about?
  • What triggers you to masturbate?
  • How does dealing with this affect my autonomy as a person?
  • What does High Noon help you with?
  • And much much more!

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  1. The master- bation podcast was awesome!!!
    Why is a middle aged Mom with 4 teenagers
    and a husband listening to podcasts about sex.
    That’s exactly why!!!!!!

    Ideal family means I deal with my family.
    And I want the best, highest quality information
    about sex and that is High Noon.

    I and my teens admire and highly respect the Sammy Uyama
    ,Andrew Love, and the Wolfenberger Families.
    They walk the talk and are families of sexual integrity themselves
    having championed /overcoming sex challenges.
    Why? because they chose happiness and True Everlasting love
    How about you?

    True Father said,” like a bee that can’t get enough of the
    honey that nothing can pull it away from the flower.
    Once you taste True Love which requires commitment selflessness
    for your partner and being a part of creating a new life.
    You can never go back.

    Wish I had sex podcasts back when I was younger But Ihave them now;)
    I feel confident I can guide my family now and grandchildren in the future
    because I know why masterbation is wrong .
    Do you want to be a master
    of disaster or awesomeness.

    So the why is so important.
    Why do I want to have sex?
    Why do I want to marry?
    Why do I want to make a difference in the world?

    Because God loves you and wants you to enjoy ultimate happiness.
    True Father was never afraid to talk about sex.
    It was actually the opposite.

    So why are you afraid?
    Because you probably learned it was shameful hide it
    don’t talk about it….

    So then who did you end up talking to?
    The wrong people I’m sure.
    Or you just follow the movies and songs hollywood
    sex yes thst must be it!!!!!

    If you want to buy a beautiful car or house do you want
    someone knowledgible but also honest that cares about
    your needs?

    Well isn’t sex much more important as it’s the most intimate
    and precious gift of God.

    Thank you for being fearless and I’m cheering for you with all
    the Mom’s and daughter’s grandma’s too!!!!!