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Playing the Long Game | Podcast Ep. 18

It’s another solo-cast with Andrew Love, as he talks about the path he took to getting married, his victories and struggles in his marriage, and his recommendations for how you can overcome your own struggles!

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  1. ! really appreciated this one, contained a lot of high truth statements: “marriage is for many a test of reaching the limits of love” (which turns out to be actually the best thing for us in terms of growing to become our best self), also there were specific revealing details of real life on the front line which make the podcast be imbued with honesty and vulnerability and relatability, plus the conclusion was quite valuable: reflecting on exactly what was the speaker’s (A.L.) saving grace (we all need to figure out our saving grace and protect it), so thank you all for posting this and I enjoyed the cool music and scooters too

  2. Andrew you got the best name Mr. Love
    I was listening to you’re story and you are very honest. But i felt like you left out the most important part of the story. How did your wife recover? Is there something we can learn from her
    experience to avoid that deep depression and if we’ve gone into it. Was there something besides the passage of time that brought relief or brought healing? I experienced six years of depression
    prior to meeting our movement. I would call it hell on earth. I think you’re wife has some answers. And you have a few too. I’m very happy for her recovery just looking for ways others can avoid
    the pit of depression.
    God Bless the Canadians and Mongolians and their babies.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for sharing so honestly. I can def. relate to the commitment you are taking about and to desiring to dissappear without wanting to commit suicide! I have been there.
    One thing I whish you would have covered with more details are some examples of how life looked like when your wife was hit the post partum depression. I have not experienced that so I can’t picture it. What scenario/s did you live in?

    Anyhow, great pod cast and I hope many people will listen and not fall for the fake love advertised much in society!

  4. Andrew,
    Thank you for this beautiful, honest testimony. Commitment the number one key to making the blessing work.