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Episode 8 – Reaction To Pornhub Stats from 2019

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Ep. 8 - Podcast Thumbnail

Porn has become increasingly normal over the past 15 years. Pornhub and its constant campaigning is one of the reasons for that. Every year they publish stats from their website, including most common search terms on their website.

Join Andrew and Sammy as they share their reactions going over these stats and how they interpret current porn trends and what they mean.

Pornhub’s 2019 Annual Report

  • The true identity of MindGeek
  • The No-going-back policy
  • What happens to your conscience?
  • Trends for most searched terms
  • The perspective from outside the porn-bubble
  • What happens to your motivation through porn?
  • What is the twin-dragon effect?
  • What does porn represent and what’s an alternative?
  • What is High Noon all about?

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