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Episode 39 – Stress Sucks

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Given the current state of the world, it makes it hard to use the Internet in a proactive way. In fact, it often builds up even more stress than it de-stresses. The question is: are you effectively dealing with your stress or are you just coping?

In this episode, be enlightened as Sammy and Andrew take us along with their personal experiences on how stress negatively and positively affect the different areas of their lives, giving us a sneak peek into how they handle or disconnect with stress and overcome or reconnect with what’s most important in life.

  • Why we need to talk about stress: dealing with it or just coping
  • Different sources of stress
  • Dealing with stress through grounding
  • The domino effect of stress
  • Consequences of not dealing with stress
  • Porn as an escape mechanism to stress
  • Relationship between stress and sex: Performance Anxiety and Entitlement
  • Stress is internal, it’s all in the mind

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