Survival is Death

Contributed by Andrew Love

Have you ever been stressed out before?

If you live in the modern world, then stress is almost unavoidable. We are going through a period of history in which everything we’ve done for the past century may very well prove to be the opposite of what is ‘natural’.

The quality and quantity of our sleep has been off. The food we’ve been consuming has largely been junk. Our relationship with our careers and sense of worth is being put into question, and most prominent of all, how we connect has slowly morphed into a losing transaction for everyone.

What is the sum of all of these fairly recent historical changes? Stress.

People are more stressed out than ever. Though the world as a whole is more materially abundant than any other known time in history, our internal world seems to have receded to a very precarious state.

When we are stressed out, we can’t create. Our survival instincts kick in and suddenly, we feel separated from the world around us. We try to force change when we are in ‘survival mode’ to no avail, because we are powerless. Our spiritual senses plummet. Our hearts close up. It is Us vs Them. Nobody wins when it is Us vs Them.

So, why are we writing this? To depress you? To ask you to just admit defeat finally and call it quits?

No, we are painting a picture.

The stressed out, isolated state of modern humans is the exact Petri dish where viruses like depression, anxiety, and anger breed unencumbered. When people are in pain they often take the shortest route possible to escape.

This is where pornography enters the picture.

We can only objectify people we don’t feel connected to. We can only hurt those whose lives we don’t feel responsible for. We can only justify apathy when emotions are beyond our abilities.

But porn only prolongs misery for you and for our fellow species. Porn is the epitome of Us vs Them. It amplifies separation in the name of dominance.

So serious, High Noon—can you please just give me the ‘HACK’ so that I can fix this…

Yeah, yeah. We get it. We’ll stop being so drab.

You want to know where all the answers lie? Do you want to figure out how to overcome any obstacle that is preventing you from reaching your potential?


Connection is the purpose of our existence. It is the fulfillment of the Three Great Blessings. Think about it:

1st Blessing – Connection to God and our true self.
2nd Blessing – Connection to your family and your family connected to a tribe of connected families.
3rd Blessing – Connection to your contribution to the world.

It’s no trivial matter.

The more we witness men and women overcome their self-sabotage, the more we are reassured that the answer ALWAYS and FOREVER will lie in connection.

What is connection? If you need help going deep into what connection might mean, stick around for the next blog post!

So, let’s add it all up:

Stress leads to separation.
In a separated state we seek connection.
When we seek connection in false ways like tricking our minds, we don’t satiate the deepest part of us that needs nourishment- and we continue seeking.

Be mindful of where you seek connection.


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  1. thanks for this blog, it is actually remarkably pertinent to my own history; if I had to express in a nutshell why I put my UCB studies on hold 44 years ago to participate in a self-transforming experience through engaging with an education-centered community in the countryside, I can only say that my realization of my connection-deficient life in a connection-deficient world was the key driver for that decisive life change, and significantly, it continues to be, which clearly testifies to the incredibly deep hole that humanity had fallen into and is still climbing out of; therefore we can all be grateful for the loving and enlightened assistance brought by High Noon and all like-minded associations