Taking a Stand | Robert Cunningham

This is a powerful story shared by a long time High Noon Advocate, Robert Cunningham. He currently volunteers with High Noon as a group facilitator to support other young men in their recovery from pornography.

A part of his own growth has been his understanding of sexual integrity and confidence in sharing his views with others.

Robert Cunningham

“I have a shirt that says “Live for Love. Porn kills love.” I’ve worn it many times to school but I haven’t had anyone comment on it until this past Monday. While we were doing some group work, a guy commended me for wearing that shirt. Naturally, all the other guys in our group asked to see my shirt and they began asking me questions. I was impressed by the first guy who began answering their questions, and I pitched in where I could. For some of the students, I could tell this was their first time having this sort of discussion, even if it was a brief one. Afterward, I had a really good talk with that first student and learned more about his background and values.

This experience made me realize, that in order to share about this topic – or any topic for that matter – I need to practice sharing about it. Although I was comfortable to wear the shirt, I wasn’t completely prepared to share with others in a clear and informative way. It is not enough to say to someone, “it affects your brain” or “it’s not good for you.” I went home and felt inspired to practice explaining in better detail how pornography damages our lives and society. I want to continue to get better and better at it so that when the next conversation comes up, I will be ready to share with them the truth so they too can begin their journey of recovery.”

Learn more about Robert and his views on life on his blog, Where I Stand.


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