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The Five Virtues of High Noon | Episode 6

The Five Virtues of High Noon can virtually break anyone free from lacking integrity and other unwanted realities that stand in the way of being our true selves.

  • #1. Honesty – Telling the truth about yourself.
    • What is the cost of dishonesty?
  • #2. Grace – Being generous with love.
    • What is being in a dysfunctional relationship like?
  • #3. Integrity – Being in alignment with your inner voice with words and action.
    • What does it take to build integrity?
  • #4. Accountability – Creating a structure for your relationships.
    • What are the many benefits of accountability?
    • What are the costs of the lack of accountability?
  • #5. Courage – Small acts of living up to what you want to be.
    • A great analogy for this podcast.

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