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The Human Trafficking Within | Patrick Erlandson | Episode 36

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In this episode, Andrew is joined by Patrick Erlandson, who tackled the dangers of human trafficking and pornography. Sadly, this is still an issue that is rampantly plaguing our world, which gives us all the more reason and why it’s crucial to shed some light on, spread awareness about, and stand up against it.

One small, simple step is actually another huge step closer to saving one person from the tragedy of human trafficking. Know the problem exists so you can end it. Take actions by making someone matter, feeling valued and loved, valuing your integrity, and eliminating the vulnerability. Spread awareness by having the right spirit and motivation.

We hope that this conversation enlightens us and serves as that one step closer to help end human trafficking.

  • Human Trafficking in Africa and across the world
  • Misconceptions about Trafficking
  • Statistics on human trafficking victims within the United States
  • Factors that lead to being a victim of human trafficking: self-punishing and disconnection with love, adults, trust, and own self-identity
  • Prostitution vs. Being Trafficked
  • The reality of being trafficked: vulnerability & entitlement
  • Pornography as part of entitlement in human trafficking
  • Opposite or antithesis to the commodification of human trafficking: nurture and value human being

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  1. The more of us that hear this, absorb this, are moved by this, act on this literally turn the tables for thousands of 12 year olds who will be less at risk and more valued more protected on account of the collective consciousness we are creating when we try to be better parents better family members A thousand thousand children will thank us if we do this What’s more important than that