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The Origin Story of High Noon | Episode 3

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This episode’s topic is the Origin Story of High Noon.

Join Andrew and Sammy as they reiterate their encouragement for listeners to re-orient themselves in a process to figure out where you’re at and how to maneuver best to gain the greatest sexual integrity possible. As they share about the founding history of the podcast they take a stand to help you win at this sacred and special act.

They share about how they got started with this show; their inspirations, responding to the need for working solutions, and the importance of dealing properly with sex on a personal level as well as their motivations for creating a platform to help listeners like yourself, to WIN in this area of life.

What this show is about

  • High Noon’s background, the Wolfenburgers and their life mission
  • What is the Blessed Marriage Project?
  • The High Noon Summit
  • An evolution from porn fighting to an ideal sexual life
  • How does High Noon stand out from other programs and shows?
  • How do you choose to feel when confronted with triggers?
  • Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
  • An invitation to take your own action for betterment

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