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Thoughts on Pornography | Episode 2

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This episode’s topic is pornography. It offers perspectives on what can lie beyond porn addiction… “How can you actually create a life according to your own standards and stop settling for any false substitutes?”

Join Andrew and Sammy, two people who have given porn A LOT of thought and who have quit it for good reasons, as they share about porn’s effects on their lives and what it’s like being porn free.

They discuss the reality of being porn-addicted; in relation to other people and in relation to our self-worth. They also share about the AMAZING positive changes that have happened for them after having walked away from porn.

What this show is about:

  • What lies beyond porn addiction?
  • What perspective can you have other than scare tactics to stay away?
  • What are things to look forward to when porn is out of your life?
  • How does looking at porn affect how you see other people and women in particular?
  • What is so rewarding about relationships beyond porn?
  • How does being porn-sober affect self-value, self-confidence and how you feel?
  • Other benefits of life after breaking away from porn. On marriage, on intimacy etc.
  • How mastery over sexuality affects your whole life.
  • How can High Noon as an Organization can help you in the process?

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