The Root of Unwanted Sexual Attraction

John Williams, Phillip Schanker, and Hilde Weimann are professionals who work in the field of unwanted sexual attraction and childhood trauma. Resources: Coming Out Straight…

Sexual Integrity as a Single Person

Interviewing recently Blessed Couples on how they prepared for their intimate relationship, with Jeesong & Heidi, Robert & Carina, Yuki & Aika.

Japanese Hour

A candid discussion in Japnese about the challenges Japanese men face in the area of Sexual Integrity, with Luke Higuchi, Mamoru Uyama, Hajime Saito, and…

God & Sex

Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Dr. Robert Kittel, and Dr. Sandra Lowen share about why God created sex the way it is.

Chinese Hour

A candid discussion in Chinese with Namhi Hwang and Max Wong.

Korean Hour

An incredible lineup of speakers discussion in Korean about pornography, sex, and heavenly intimacy.

The State of Second Generation

Deborah Cali & Kaeleigh Moffitt, leaders of E-STF & YSP-USA, share about the state of second generation, and what we can do.

Solutions: Support Groups

Inspiring testimonies from High Noon’s Group Facilitators, who are supporting men and women in their recovery efforts.