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  1. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for your Vlog. You mentioned folks who say, why do I have to wait ( for marriage/blessing ) for sexual intimacy. In his book, Real Love in Dating, Greg Bear writes about this issue in a very helpful way. How real intimacy and the ability to feel accepted and loved needs us to be able to be seen ie to be honest about ourselves, warts and all, especially with a potential life partner. This is a crucial step is in any phase of a relationship to be able to feel and accepted loved by the other. In the absence of not feeling accepted and loved for who we are loved, we have to find a substitute. He explains how sex in the dating process ie before a real commitment between a couple is there, becomes a source of imitation love, and so clouds ones ability to really see and know the other.
    Would highly recommend his book for folks wanting to find a life partner.