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Episode 41 – What to Look for In a Wife

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All single guys, young women, and even those who are already in a relationship out there: listen up!

In this episode, join Sammy and Andrew as they talk about great qualities men should look for in their potential partner that can help build towards having a vibrant life.

In life, it’s vital to have an understanding of how relationships work to mitigate any tough patches and potential pain points. It’s important to know that you are two independent people who can rely on one another but do not need each other. Hence, choosing someone who is introspective, owns their decisions, and respects their values before entering into a commitment will be the key to a successful marriage.

Remember, marriage should be viewed as not just two people getting along but what you can create together. That it is not a one-time choice, but something you choose and are committed to every single day.

  • Importance of choosing great qualities in a partner
  • Qualities to look for in a wife
    • Self-awareness
      • The probing questions in evaluating someone’s self-awareness
    • Mentally and spiritually stable
    • Independent: Self-sufficient or being capable to be on your own
    • Strong beliefs held loosely
      • Having a strong foundation within yourself
      • Humility: Willing to learn new things

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode. Andrew’s humor makes it so entertaining to listen to.

    The qualities that this podcast mentioned that I liked the most were:

    1. a woman who is comfortable in her own femininity

    2. Marrying someone from another culture.

    3. Self awareness.